Barton Perreira Vanquest

Barton Perreira is perhaps the best vintage-inspired brand going today. I know, I know, fucking everything is “vintage inspired” these days, but not really. Tom Ford doesn’t so much look to the past for inspiration as flat-out rips off older designs. Patty Perreira (the “Perreira” half of the namesake, obviously), however, knows her craft enough to reinterpret older designs with modern materials; every collection includes classic silhouettes fashioned from the highest-quality acetate and metals. I’m a huge fan of the brand and wish ’em all nothing but success going forward.

Now, that all said, I can’t imagine Cary Grant rocking a pair anything like these back in North by Northwest. The Vanquest is a large-fitting titanium wrap with acetate arms, and it’s beastly. I don’t know that I quite pull them off, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. I especially love the mesh “grille” detailing on the bridge; it was somewhat of a trademark for the very first collection back in ’08/’09. I’m not quite sure I can label this frame a classic — futuristic designs don’t tend to age well, but there are always exceptions. Regardless, I enjoy this one immensely.



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